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Experience life on the Appalachian Trail like never before! Finally, see the movie that explores the world of long-distance hiking on America's legendary mountain trail. Follow three "thru-hikers" as they journey from Katahdin in Maine to Springer Mountain in Georgia over a magical summer, and discover what it means to "hike your own hike." Olivia (Amy Cale Peterson) decides to "thru-hike" the legendary Appalachian Trail, a continuous footpath running along the Appalachian Mountain chain over 2,000 miles from Maine to Georgia. The journey will take months to complete, and Olivia is ill-prepared for the rigorous journey.

An outsider to the unique world of the AT thru-hiker, Olivia is quickly befriended by hikers Rollin (Scott Speiser) and Slackpack (Christopher McCutchen). As the three hikers journey South from Maine, Olivia is drawn to the charismatic but private Rollin, and is forced to question her motives for hiking the trail.

Shot in the summer and fall, Southbounders captures the unique American beauty of the Appalachian Trail. See this amazing world, and the hikers that live in it, in a film that Film Threat declares "feels more natural than most Hollywood films and has a subtle realistic charm."

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